Mónika Debreczeni Estate Manager of Vylyan


„The sun shines, the sky is blue, the grass is green. The wine is fermented and ages. People work and hope, worry and rejoice. Enjoy the fruit of their work and happy to show it to others. It has been so since the beginning of time and it is so now. If you get involved in the world of wine, it will never let you go. Our wines tell stories of passion and the joy of creation, and now it has become a story of a quarter century: the first wines of Vylyan were bottled 25 years ago, from the 1994 vintage.”

On the occasion of our jubilee , we asked seven contemporary Hungarian writers and poets to draw inspiration from the premium wines of Vylyan Winery. From the essence of the poems and short stories the creating hand conjured up artistic drawings, and we now present the result to the world on the Vylyan bottles. To this, we give our heart and add the best of Villány since our premium wines are made from the pick of the harvest of our vineyards year after year. The yield on grapevines is modest, so the wines are concentrated and elegant with long ageing potential. The drawings reflect the soul of the wines on paper, as the artists see them.

From the outset we have believed wine and art belong together. Every value that belongs here was weaved into the life of Vylyan from internal need. We established, for example, for this purpose our artistic label tender and the Artistic Barrel exhibition (Művészi Hordó) for our new wine Bogyólé. We are one of the founders and locations of Ördögkatlan Festival, so in addition to our wines, we can provide further experiences, but the spotlight is always on wine, the wine tells the story.

Now it is our premium wines’ turn to bring art to everyday life, to homes or the shades of summer evening gardens. So that they present everyone that sees, opens and tastes them with the gift of an idea and prepare their hearts for celebration.


Mónika Debreczeni
Estate Manager of Vylyan